Calling all cyclists
If you live/work in Glasgow and use the cycle route by the river (the bit where it passes the Waverley).


This will allow you to signal your approach.

Note: Pedestrians are NOT psychic, nor possess the hearing of Superman.

For the record, to the cyclist who – after he had tried to rocket through a diminishing gap between myself and the guard rail at the side of the river, and had managed to catch my bag strap on his handlebars, and after I, in a state of something approaching blind panic, yanked at my bag to stop the would-be bag-snatcher from making off with my laptop – berated me for walking on the cyclepath, I suggest you check the signs. It is clearly marked as a walkway/cyclepath so I had as much right to ‘get in’ your ‘fucking way’ as I wanted.

There is something quite invigorating about this kind of occurance, first thing in the morning. It certainly gets the adrenalin flowing and the heart pumping, ready for another day…er … sitting behind a desk. I am only glad that the guard rail at the side of the river did it’s job and stopped the arrogant s.o.b. from plunge into the murky, cold Clyde. Ohh of course I would’ve thrown him a line or something, what do you take me for?

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