AA Gill
Another day, another wonderful quote at hydragenic. This is the power of ‘blogs’. On the strength of Stuarts references I have ordered AA Gill’s book “AA Gill is Away”, and I have registered at The Times website (where AA Gill writes a column).
The main point here is not a simple recommendation of a book, which in fact Stuart never did, but the fact that, having read hydragenic for some months now, day in day out, and absorbed the things Stuart has posted about (whether I’ve agreed or not) I am much more likely to value his judgement over, say, the people who post reviews at the Amazon website.

Maybe this is something Amazon should be looking at, especially as they have recently extended their API. Possibly a way to find reviews or commentary about books by people you ‘know’. Obviously there are flaws with this idea, but there are better people than me who can probably polish it up (in fact I’m not entirely sure that Mr.Kottke hasn’t already suggested this? Or was it Meg, damn can’t remember…)