A competition

OK not really, I’m just being a link whore I guess, but I’m guessing that everyone who has referrer logs looks at them more than once a week. Right? And you look at how many times a certain site has sent someone your way.. right?
OK, so maybe it’s just me.

Either way I thought it might be interesting to list my Top Ten referrers (direct sites only, not Google or GBlogs recently updated list). So without further ado, or further waffling by me to make myself feel better..

The Top 10 Referrers to SomeTHiNG…
1. Pinky
2. Jennie
3. Gert
4. David
5. Jenny
6. Vaughan
7. Jenny
8. Lynn
9. Stuart
10. Brian

Lurking on the fringes of the top 10: Dan, Mike, Owen, Jo, Ames, Richard, and Stuart.

Now obviously there are mitigating circumstances for these rankings, and I hope no-one gets peeved. I’m just chuffed that over 10 people actually link to my little site!

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