Lollipop, lollipop, ohh lolly, lollipop

Javapops (via Blogatelle) sound like an ideal cure to a vexing problem I have.

I don’t really ‘get going’ until I’ve had my first caffeine fix for the day (we can discuss whether this is a genuine dependency or a psycho-relativity issue later). I’m also a late sleeper (as in, I’ll lie in my bed as long as I can, I’m never late). So typically I don’t get my caffeine fix until I make it into work.

Not a problem you would think.. and no it wasn’t, until I started working in Glasgow and now have a 30 minute drive in the morning. With a passenger. A passenger that knows all too well that when I say “Don’t talk to me until I’ve had a coffee” it isn’t just a saying.

So I reckon caffeine loaded lollipops are ideal. I can get up, have some cereal and leave the house and get my caffeine kick on the way to work! Brilliant.

Ehh they do export, don’t they?

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