Monday morning (slight return)

Saturday was spent in IKEA and B&Q and other places of ill repute, spending money we don’t have, except for once we didn’t actually spend it, merely noted down what we wanted to buy and then sat in amazement when we got home when we realised we would need £2k to get what we want.

This was actually a very worthwhile exercise as it allowed to us priortise all those little things around the house that need done that we’ve (ok I’ve…) been putting off. A new garden gate for some privacy, an outside tap. A new shower. Even new sofas maybe.. add in a myriad of ‘little’ things costing £50-60 and it all soon adds up. The joy of house-owning.

Ohh and the other main event on Saturday was the return of a bright shiny object in the sky, seldom seen in Scotland this year, which seemed to have the effect of making the air seem warmer… very odd. If the phenomenom happens again I’ll be sure to let you know.

Sunday started with brunch with a friend (pretentious? Moi?). Then a quick shopping trip to pick up some hand picked brambles (why doesn’t that sound right?) and off to the in-laws. Dinner, red wine and Glayva later and Louise drove home. Hic.

I’ve not been near (on?) a computer since Friday at about 6ish. Please bear with me as I catch up…

Meg comments on her CD storage system. I too use the alphabetic option, but have larger categories of band, solo male, solo female and compilation. I may switch to a single system though as classical CDs become awkward.. (by composer – solo male/female, by orchestra – ‘band’? you see what I mean).

Gert offers up her take on the whole CD organising milleu, and I suddenly realise I missed an item at IKEA.. another CD tower, or two..

Jennie take me back to my childhood. A dark brown bakelite ViewMaster that I think was my Uncle’s. It had a cotton plaster over the broken lever, and came with a lot of old Disney slides.

Congrats to Julie, Leia and Matt, who got their house. Is that the largest concentration of bloggers in one building now? (excluding campuses and offices etc)

… more later I’m sure.

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