Not even sure why I’m sitting here, but as I am…

Weekend was very quiet – drank WAY too much on Friday night, top night though. Saturday was spent nursing a hangover, watching the football and then, finally, watching JFK.

Having just read American Tabloid (a fictional account of the events leading up to the assasination), I was in a ‘conspiracy theory’ kind of mood.

A few years ago I borrowed “The Killing of a President” from my father, and it had lain on a bookshelf, forgotten and gathering dust. Having just watched the film (in which the author of the book appears as the courtroom projectionist) I was, again, stunned and amazed that something like that can happen.

Even just flicking through the book, detailing pictures of ‘Black dog man’ ‘umbrella man’ and many revealing photo’s (Lyndon Johnson turning and smiling at a man winking at him, seconds after being sworn in as President), still fills me with a strange feeling of dread.

Unfortunately, and unfairly, I am basing my outrage and astonishment on ideas conceived in a different world. However when there is a strong possibility that some of the people behind the conspiracy to assasinate JFK, were also behind Watergate, and god knows what else… well the mind boggles.

I hope I remember to catch the news sometime in September 2029. Although I fear that, once made public, the confidential documents will contain very little useful information.