I’m not sure what kind of people read this site, and what they make of it (yes yes, commenting coming soon I promise!) but if some of the search phrases are anything to go by – “dumbarton porn”, “does kirsty gallacher like black men”, “title of claudia schiffer porn movie”, “smart trouser fetish pics” – I’m beginning to worry.

Ohhh and I suppose I’d better mention the Jubilee. Right, I’ve mentioned it, that’s about all I’m gonna say on that.

My opinion
I’ve just been thinking (yes that’s what the noise was). I rarely cover ‘current events’ preferring to stick to misc links and my rambling thoughts. I would like to take this opportunity to point out that I DO have opinions about a lot of things, but there are many, many people who can state what I think, far more eloquently than I. So I don’t bother. If something really gets my back up, trust me, you’ll soon find out!

“They think it’s all over! It is now!”
God, how I wish that statement were true. The only downside to the World Cup is living in Scotland, and watching broadcasts from the EBC (ENGLISH Broadcasting Corporation). Get over it already!! Tonight they showed a new clip of the equalising German goal which showed the linesman raise his flag just before the ball went in. Gary Lineker commented that it could’ve changed history. I know for a fact that every single Scotsman, Irishman and Welshman watching (and quite a few others probably) felt the same way.

OK, you won the World Cup, in the last millenia. Now can we please, for the love of all things boring and repetitious, move on to something new!

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