I ache

Saturday was spent pottering about the house, cutting the grass etc etc A neighbour past at one point and we started chatting. I happened to mention we were planning to build a rockery the next day, and he said he had some rocks lying round the side of his garden, and I could help myself if I needed any. Good news as I was pretty sure we’d have needed some more.

On Sunday morning we attended my niece’s first communion. What a strange place the Catholic church can be. I am admittedly non-religious (but not atheist) at the moment, having been brought up in the Church of Scotland. I can see many easy comparisons between the Catholic church and ‘hokey’ religions: chanting, sacrifice, control of the congregration. It’s all there. Anyway, my religious beliefs aside, my niece enjoyed her day, we all had a nice lunch with family and close friends and the sun even made an appearance.

About 2pm on the Sunday we headed home to meet my parents. They were coming over to help us build a rockery in our back garden. This is the first major piece of gardening we’ve done since we moved in 10 months ago, and as I grew up with a rockery filled garden I was determined to have one in mine.

We stopped off at the shops for some groceries, and bumped into my parents (and my sister who had tagged along). A quick shop later and we headed for home. Unpacked the shopping and I glanced out the kitchen window, a large, very dark, cloud was heading our way.

The large, very dark, cloud decide to stop over head and unload. I’ve not seen rain that heavy for quite a while.

I should explain that our garden is made up of very heavy clay like soil. So when it rains… you get clay… Not great when you want to dig up a large part of it. Not great at all.

We battled on. It was a holiday today (for some people) so we got back to it this morning and at about 4pm today, we finished!

In total I lifted about 18 wheelbarrow loads of large rocks across from our neighbours house, and I ache. I just know that tomorrow will be painful but the sense of satisfaction makes it all worthwhile.

I’ll even show you the photos once they get developed (yes I use real film..). One thing does worry me though. Am I getting old? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway, enough about me, how was your weekend?

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