West Side Story

Or why “I like to be in America”

Reason #14: NBA.

I’ve mentioned this before I’m sure, but I REALLY miss my NBA since it moved to Sky Sports Extra here in the UK. As a Telewest customer I can’t get the channel at all. The time I spent in San Francisco was great, I actually had the choice of which game to watch, unbelievable!

Anyway, things are getting tense in the Conference Finals, my ‘showtime’ team are being held the Kings in what looks like being a tight series. Granted I can get a lot of info from the web, but as the NBA is very rarely covered here in the UK I miss all the little extra’s you get from news bulletins, et al.

In saying that, I’m confident the Lakers will brush past the Kings and into the final, I mean if the Kings coach can be heard to say “I just wish one of them would grow four inches” in connection to his two active guards they are obviously the weaker team. Now if someone could just knobble Chris Webber I’d be much happier…

Note: I’m actually very happy with Telewest, especially the nice people at BlueYonder, but PLEASE GET SKYSPORTS EXTRA!!!