There's a catch

Almost forgot.

Last night Louise and I attended a ‘Presentation’ for a Holiday Club. Not time-share. We were there to get free holiday vouchers. The presentation was well crafted and thought out and utterly convincing.

So there we sat, 5 couples, having heard why we had been asked along, making no effort to conceal the fact that they had essentially gotten us along under the pseudo-false pretence that we had won a holiday, and telling us that at the end of the presentation some of us would say no.

I’m not going into great lengths about the setup, suffice to say it isn’t a direct scam, but there are a few catches. Long term, yeah it would save us money, but we can’t afford it short-term so we said “No”.

So tonight we decide where, from a fixed list of locations, we will spend 7 nights in the summer (Canaries probably), and where we will spend 4 nights on a break (Dublin probably). All for free. It only cost us our time (minus insurance and airport tax). Not a bad’s night work if I do say so myself. And I just did…