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“A sense of style is the first thing that hits you when you visit SUCKATASH. Whether you like the style or not (I did) it is well carried out with some clever touches – try changing the ‘main image’ from the topmost dropdown menu, very smart!

The main content of the site is centred around images, mainly photos, but there is also a large selection of desktop images as well. I’m no photographer, but the photo section is well organised and contains a lot of interesting content.

Writing style is laidback and informal, and seems to match the design of the site well. Without knowing her I would say it also matches the style of the author.

One thing which works against this site, it the navigation. The sidebar is quite thin and means a lot of the ‘sections’ of the site don’t appear until further down the page requiring scrolling to get to the main links on the page. However I suppose it depends on what is perceived as the ‘main content’ the blog or the photos?

All in all a nice site, well maintained and thought out, a couple of tweaks possibly needed to improve navigation, but that’s just a minor irritation. Nicely conceived, some clever touches and a nice attention to detail. “

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Doing my best to find a balance.

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