All I want

Sniglets (via mybluehouse) contains words for those little things in life that currently don’t have an official noun, verb or adjective attached to them. I’m especially glad to find that other people have a Negatile too, and are also aware of Telletiquette. Tee hee.

In other news, I’m really, really, REALLY down and hacked off with my work at the moment. The most frustrating thing is knowing that:
a. it’s not really anyone’s fault (no-one to point the finger at)
b. there’s no short term fix so I’ll just have to grin and bear it.

However the atmosphere and pervading sense of ‘I told you so x months ago’ is understandably (I think) annoying. I’ve spent the last hour or so trying to think up positives and I’m glad to say there are a few, but I will have to deal with the negatives first. Roll on tomorrow morning.

I often wonder if my pessimistic nature has held me back. I’m sure it has in one way or another and recent events seem inclined to back up that theory. No matter how often I tell myself to be more positive it seems fate, and my own personality is stacked against me. So tomorrow I will go into work and be positive, work to find a way around things and confront some obvious facts. If I can get a couple of things shifted I will be a much happier person. And that’s my only goal in life, to be happy. Not too much to ask for is it?