fusion1k – only 460 peeps need (and falling). No I’m not quite sure how it’s gonna end up, no I’m not THAT artistic, and yes I’m a bit worried about what I will think of when my turn comes. But hey, ya got try these things, right?

Apt Minds – could be interesting. via oddfellow but mainly Leia.

Poor Julie. This is terrible, I can’t believe they did all this over a bounced check. Chin up Julie, don’t let the bastards grind you down!

Suprise!, or not I suppose. (UK centric news, sorry).

Whilst I remember – Zora Neale Hurston.

>I failed the Insanity Test. via Becky (who failed as well).

And finally (now that I’ve caught up with my ‘must visit’ sites, I hope y’all are enjoying SXSW. I am so jealous not to be there, hmmm, is there something similar run in the UK? Damn, now I’ll have to find out, and I was wanting to go to bed…