Neutral Spirits

Creation Science. My brain hurts.

Let me state my position on ‘this’. I remain unconvinced by most, if not all, religions. I don’t believe that the earth was creatured in 6 days (how long was a day back then anyway?), and there are too many conflicting arguments, and presumptions to be made for me to devote myself to that life. Whilst I have a great respect for people who are devotees of religion (no matter which one) I tend to find most Western religions very blinkered. Eastern religions, or spiritual movements, seem more pertinent, seem to be more accessible and less restrictive if you are willing to uphold a few common ideas.

So Creation Science comes along and questions my ‘beliefs’ in the scientific explanations for the creation of the earth, evolution etc etc. It’s weird, I’ve spent long hours challenging those of religious persuasion with most of the arguments covered in by this site. It feels kinda funny having the arguments turned back on me and exposing my lack of knowledge (the very thing I would use against people during ‘discussions’ on the topic of evolution). Interesting stuff. Not sure where I stand now.

This also raises the issues of selective information. Obviously, despite assurances, the information and arguments given here will be stacked in the favour of Creation Science. So where do I go to find a neutral discussion about this?