Habitually the Same

I’m in a rut. Not a bad one, or a particularly deep one, but it’s there and I’m aware of it’s sides and length and can’t seem to clamber up out of it. I’m in a ‘surfing’ rut.

I have a list of 25 or so sites I visit every day (most tracked with Blogtrack) and I visit MeFi daily (twice daily on occasion) as well. Beyond that I start to struggle, I occasionally check out some book reviews, buy some CDs or DVDs online, or find a walkthrough or cheat to help me through the game I’m currently stuck at. I’ll occasionally follow links and post them here too.

But I can’t find anything new. There is SOOO much information available that I can’t seem to concentrate on any of it for longer than a few minutes at a time. Look back through my archives (once I get them working again hmmm) and you will find no common thread.

So I’m going to spend this evening finding NEW resources, new places to visit regularly, then in about 6 months time I will go through this process again no doubt. The changing of habits is hard.