Mobile Sister

My new phone seems to have sparked my sister into getting a new one too (Sony indeed! and here I thought she was a poor student). However unlike my good self, who, in an excited ‘I’ve just got a new phone’ mood, sent a few text messages to friends and family to tell them I had a new phone using the following message: “Hi, Just got a new phone, the number is 1234567890”. Sounds fair enough really, except that I didn’t include my name. My sister, being the smart little so-and-so she is (kidding!) includes her name in her message. Now I think I’m gonna claim this one, as, if it wasn’t for my goof she I don’t think she would’ve remembered. Actually I think I’m selling my sister short. She’s not only learning from her own mistakes (as we all do as we make our way in the world), but learning from mine. God knows there are enough to learn from!

P.S. That’s not really my phone number, but you knew that. Right? RIGHT?

P.P.S. I only wrote this to see if my sister reads it… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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