Where was I?

Ok so that’s me all caught up on my ‘daily’ surfing. In other news, I’m still tweaking away at the back end of the site (trying for CSS compliance and failing at the moment). If anyone using Netscape 4 or 5 spots anything funny can you let me know (or fire off a screenshot would do), come on I know you’re out there, you know who you are!

Off to see Ocean’s Eleven tonight, maybe… will see how we both feel. Louise is starting a new job tomorrow so might want to have a relaxing night, or might want to go to cinema to take her mind off it!

Right last call Club Nokia, yes I’m still playing with my new mobile! Boys and toys ehh..

Ohh and while I remember who was looking for “mouse+house+floorboards” and found my site? It’s only one better than “bug bear radiohead” but will never top “wpc porn!”

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