Friday was company kickoff day, well when I say company, it was mainly the Applications Group who were in attendance. No suprises in any of the presentations in the morning, in fact I think there are still a few things to be announced. Friday afternoon was paintballing. Was good fun, but would’ve been much better if the visor’s didn’t steam up so badly, and the gun’s didn’t keep jamming! My team lost all 4 games, including the one where I was nominated team captain. I’m sure that says something about me but not sure what, essentially we were badly organised. V.badly organised, and the other team was made up of management for the most part. God I hate admitting it but that was maybe why they won.. Yikes that’s scary.

Rest of weekend was quiet, relaxed and productive. Got a few of those little “Must remember and…” type jobs done. Very satisfying, well it was until I sat down and jotted down everything else I’ve still to do.

I’ve got a funny week coming up, will be ‘working at home/on holiday’. Although it’s probably stricter to say ‘working away from the office part-time’. Not sure how much work I’ll get done, but I’ll mainly be brainstorming, so shouldn’t be too bad.

>What does your week hold?