I was laughing to myself on the train on the way to work this morning, and I do mean to myself, especially since the Bill Bryson episode on an Edinburgh train a few years back. I was reading Fever Pitch, and the author noted that most men are anally retentive about something in their lives – football team, car, music etc. Where as you are unlikely to find a woman with a large CD collection (sorted alphabetically), a shelf full of car polishes (including differing types for wheels and bumpers) or every programme from the 75/75 Arsenal season (stored in plastic jackets). I read this then thought of my CD collection at home. Around 450 CDs and rising, categorised not only alphabetically, but by group, male solo, female solo, and compilation. I was laughing because it was true, laughing because it made sense, and laughing because … well … if it’s in a book, I can’t be alone. Phew.

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