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Work is pretty bad at the moment, morale is low, and the main problem (underlying all else) is lack of communication. This is a common failing, word of mouth being the relied on route for information, which leads to rumours and scaremongering. It also creates a layered company. Those deciding things (senior management, directors etc) not communicating what they are doing properly leads everyone else to treat them with suspicion, disdain, lack of respect, call it what you will. “Them and us” becomes a reality. I know for a fact that this is a personal bug bear for one of our directors, yet it doesn’t seem to sink in that it is himself and his senior staff member who are creating the problem.

Breakdown in communications is the sole cause of so much pain, anguish and has lead to much worse outcomes than a mis-firing software company. We have a kick-off meeting on Friday where the plans for the year will be outlined. We have had internal projects looking at specific areas of the business, targetting improvements, and I’ve heard commitments to improving communications repeated several times between November and December. I am holding my breath waiting for something to be announced that will start the improvement process in this critical area. If you don’t hear from me after Friday, you’ll know why – I’ll have held my breath for too long. (That might be a metaphor you know…)

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