Storm front

Back in action (not sure how many people will spot me yet, might take a while for the redirect to kick in). Damn just remembered I haven’t updated my META tags – I’ll add it to this list to do tomorrow.

I said earlier it was windy, consider that an understatement. Last reports have 4 people dead. Scary stuff, walked past on overturned lorry on the way to the car as I headed home earlier, all the way home I was paranoid when driving near anything remotely highsided, until I got my theory sussed. You see if you stick close to a highsided vehicle it won’t be able to topple over completely (and squish both you and your car), give it too much room and it can easily topple over as it has nothing to stop it falling until it is too far gone. Simple?

And before I go on, see that little CS button/badge over there? Go click it, well actually wait until you’ve finished reading this first. It will take you to CoolStop. A Daily Pick by the man, the legend that is Jennett. OK, so I’m compensating for not having linked to him for ages. But he deserves it, ohhh and that little i2k badge is something to do with too. OK, I’m done, you can go ahead and click on it now…