Old Skool

Wednesday – half way through the week. Spent last night surfing a few sites, actually surfing. Not just visiting the same sites again and again. Been ages since I did that, start at a site, take a link from there, take a link from the next one, and so on and so forth.

Didn’t really take much of it in to be honest as it was a deliberate distraction strategy, but it was good to get back to when I first ‘met’ the web. I still remember my amazement that there was SOOOO much porn about… ahem that is… what I meant to say was, that there were so many different uses, and SOOO much information, I remember thinking that my head would probably explode if I tried to take it all in. Which is probably why I only visit the same few sites everyday. So I’ve decided to try and ‘surf’ properly more. In fact I might even start a campaign.. hmmmm

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