I was just checking back some notes about my recent redesign, it took me over 4 months to do, not in straight work hours, just took that long to get up enough drive to do the damn thing… Then I find out that I can write tag lines for websites without even realising it. Am I trying too hard? One thing I’ve been meaning to do is throw up what I use for my ‘start’ page, so there it is over there on the right… is kinda work orientated, and needs updated (DeskMod is dead now) but it is my starting point for hours of surfing and reading. Seriously I could easily spend an entire day online surfing and probably not get bored. Well that’s not strictly true, my average ‘internet attention span’ is down at around 15 mins at the moment.. and that’s being generous.

Ohh I’ve just been informed that it’s only 6 months and 5 days to Christmas. Yes my wife is a Crimbo nutter…

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Doing my best to find a balance.

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