Crazy hectic times ahead. I would presume I am on hiatus. The company news we got has thrown everything up in the air, and it feels very like it did when I first joined here, kinda exciting, infuriating and scary at the same time. Admittedly there are slightly scary undertones, but I’ve been there before, and at least this time I won’t get made redundant, no way am I starting off down that spiral again.

Also managed to, unadvertantly, play some office politics. Now I hate these, stupid games, people making sure they are in first with their version/take on things, etc etc, but I did manage to pull an Ace from my sleeve when I thought it was the Joker. That’s the problem with office politics, if you are honest and upfront ALL THE TIME, then there’s no real way you can be undone. Simple really.

Also glad to see that some of the major gossip from Dublin hasn’t yet made it out for general consumption, although I’m sure people have their suspicions.