Chilly Gas

Cold. So very cold. -9 C here when I got into work (maybe I should wait for the sun to come up?).

Currently embroiled in a phone war with British Gas. My point being that they offer the facility to change the payment date of your gas bill, but when you give them the date you will pay it on, and that date is only 1 week beyond the bill statement, they say – OK, but I should advise you that you will receive a disconnection note, and will be disconnected before that date. EH!!!??!! 1 lousy week. I can’t imagine that our lowly gas bill is so urgent that we are demanding of this attention, or that it is going to hold back their 3rd quarter earnings. This is all frustrating and disappointing, as we have spent a large part of last year re-structure, re-organizing and generally scrambling our way through the financial year.

And now it’s sooo cold. Heating on full bung. Can’t wait for the next gas bill.