Capaldi Ring

Did you have a good weekend? I most certainly did. If you are happy with that statement, feel free to ignore the following recap.

Friday night, tried out Chili’s, a new pub, very nice, well done James, you said it was what Dumbarton needed and you were right! Drank too much Stella, had a laugh with my sister and brother-in-law. Felt OK Saturday which was suprising. Visited my parents who were in the process of getting their piano tuned (it’s only needed it done for about 6 years). The guy who was doing was a hoot! Picture a typical musician, the type that is arty/borderline genius. He had a story for every chord, and also tuned my Dad’s banjo for him… very entertaining!

Saturday night – engagement party. Excellent night, started off a bit slow, but meet a lot of old friends, drank too much again, and ended up dancing the Huck-a-buck, and trying to tango to American Pie… don’t ask…