They’ve just released the first pictures of a genetically created primate. A small cute monkey, all of 4 or 5 small evolutionary steps away (or less). Scary stuff, the possiblity of the first genetically created human is on the horizon. Do we have the right? If we do, is it ethically acceptable to create a human being? What kind of life would the person have? Which show would it’s life mimic – freak show or Truman show?

Further additions to my new project, I’m not at the assessment stage – do I have the time and energy to do this? A half-hearted effort is pointless, so if it is going to happen it will have to be well planned and designed. Maybe I should do the tweaks to this site first….

Gabocorp is back, almost. Can’t wait. Sentimental reasoning, it was the first Flash site that truly impressed (I hope they have an archive of previous designs, something I should do, but never plan for….).

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