Month: <span>February 2006</span>

Heart racing, palms sweaty, discarded beer bottles on the floor. Perched on the edge of my seat, subjecting the television to random shouts of “OFFSIDE!” and “KICK IT!!!”, and minutes earlier I’d just said:

“You know what’ll happen, they’ll score a try, and then get a penalty in the dying seconds…”

Yes, some good old fashioned Scottish naysaying, and I was almost right… Thankfully they missed the conversion, Scotland charged up the other end and… bloody hell, we won!! What a game! Well played indeed, some of the passing was inspired, the hits were big and the only downside is that it wasn’t the English on the receiving end!

Anyway, enough exclamation marks.

A quiet weekend, hardly ventured out of the house, and despite watching three games of rugby and two games of football I still managed to get quite a bit done. Considering the next month or two will be my busiest by some stretch it felt good to go to bed last night safe in the knowledge that I was well on track. Hell I even managed to get the car washed (it’s only a little car though … doesn’t take long).

So why was it that, at almost spot on 5am, I was wide awake and couldn’t get back to sleep? Not only that but Louise was the same. We both ignored each other as we tossed and turned, with both of us failing to find that nice comfy spot which always makes us go to sleep. I tried counting sheep, I tried relaxing my body, concentrating on one area at a time, breathing out slowly… only for an itch to demand a scratch at the last moment. This happened three times before I gave up. Sometime between 6am and 7am I fell asleep again… crap… I’m yawning just typing this.

Ohhh, did someone say coffee?


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Just a wee post to remind those bloggers in Scotland who enjoy good company and a “light refreshment” or ten, the next blogmeet is but weeks away. February 18th, Edinburgh, Jolly Judge. Kicks off at 2pm, finishes… when the last person leaves! More details on the Scottish Blogs site, and apologies to those who I visited over the weekend, just trying to drum up some interest.

If you are going to come along, please leave a comment on the Scottish Blogs site (or click here). Thanks.


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Best laid plans all spoiled by a text message received at 11.40pm and a phone that continually reminds you, all too cheerily for my liking, that HEY, YOU HAVE A MESSAGE….. HEY, YOU HAVEN’T PICKED UP YOUR MESSAGE YET…. HEY, WON’T IT BE FUN WHEN YOU PICK UP YOUR MESSAGE! This cheery chirrup is repeated every few minutes until you switch it off and whilst I’m not sure of the exact gap it was long enough to stop me nodding off again, but not quite short enough for me to stay awake to make sure that I had actually heard it the first time.

After 20 minutes of almost falling asleep I humphed, threw back the covers and staggered downstairs. A slight pause as I waited on the next gleeful YOOHOO, YOU STILL HAVE A MESSAGE TO READ!!, and having located the phone I took some pleasure in throwing it at the wall. I may even have chortled.

I plodded back upstairs and, with a quick glance at the clock as it ticked past midnight, I was back in bed and awaiting seven hours of undisturbed slumber. Bliss.

Alas my brain, having decided that I was vertical and, to all extents and purposes, technically awake, decided that now would be a good time to get some thinking done. I gently suggested that it should go and shaft itself as I was going back to sleep but my brain was determined and it took me over two hours of constant nagging to get it to realise that it was now the middle of the night and would it PLEASE SHUT UP!

I awoke, grumpy, lacking the amount of sleep I’d promised myself, and trying to figure out why my brain had been so obstinate last night when, suddenly, I realised that I’d had a call scheduled last night and completely forgotten about it. Oops.

Life News

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Completely knackered. An accumulation of two or three weeks of late nights (bed at 1am, up at 7am) and I’m struggling to stay awake… it’s only 7.40pm but I could quite happily go to bed right now. The only reason I’m not going to is because I’d only wake up at 1am, wide awake, get up and end up staying up for a couple of hours…

Was in a Ford Ka last night for the first time, and was quite impressed, very roomy inside and took my largish 6′ frame comfortably, and I reckon you could get another 6 footer behind me too. The car in question also had that new car smell as my sister only received it on Tuesday, her first car! Which reminds me that I haven’t publically congratulated her on her new job.

She qualified with a degree in … umm… HR stuff… and has landed a 6 month contract (possibly longer) doing HR for a local hotel (technically for the part that runs the luxury lodges). Needless to say she’s well chuffed. Well done Jen, onwards and upwards (you’ve got the car, next is a flat!! 😉 )

In other news, my “presentation” is actually a seminar and will take place on March the 2nd in the Lighthouse in Glasgow, courtesy of Urban Learning Space. Places are limited and invitation only, and there will be around 20-25 people in attendance. I’ve made a start on the presentation and you guys and gals will be the first to see it, and naturally I’ll be expecting some feedback.

Right, I’m off to write up a proper spec for that WordPress plugin (see previous post), jot down a few ideas for another website (ohh I’ve not mentioned that yet, have I? bugger… all in good time I guess), make a nice cup of hot chocolate and retire to bed to finish Attention All Shipping.


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May already exist. CBATG (well I did but only found one ‘unpublished’ plugin).

A plugin that will control the publishing of posts, only releasing one every X days.

For example, I could write five posts in one night, hit publish and forget about them. The plugin would publish the first one immediately, then set the date on the second one to X days from the first, the date of the third one to X days from the second and so on.

It would need to check the dates of previously published posts to get the gap between the first post and the most recently published one… in fact that’s all it would need to do. Check the db for the last published post, and change the date on the next post to X days from that. As WordPress will pre-publish to future dates that’s all it should need to do… Hmmm that doesn’t sound too hard actually. For someone else, obviously.


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