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The rest of February and all of March are going to be busy. VERY busy. I fully expect that, to meet both professional and, um, “pro-personal” commitments, I’ll need to spend several weekends working. However I’m actually looking forward to that, the pro-personal side in particular, as everything I’m working on is fun, new and fairly challenging. Given that the last year at work consisted of largely rudimentary work (as it always will at times), it’s good to finally be allowed to stretch my brain.

I’m also fairly pleased at my on-going weightloss. I put on about 10lb over the few weeks from Christmas to our return from Spain in mid-January, but since then have steadily lost an average of 2lbs each week. In other words, by the end of this week I’ll be back where I was just before Christmas. In the past that setback would normally have knocked me off track but, for the moment at least, my mindset seems to be fairly firm.

In fact I’m quite enjoying the fact that I can have a couple of bad days, we went to the chippy on Saturday night for example, but still be disciplined enough the rest of the week to lose a little more weight. I’m completely bemused as to WHY my brain is suddenly cooperating with me but I’m trying not to think on it too much lest it get suspicious and make me switch to a diet comprising solely of Sara Lee Chocolate Gateau.

I think that, and far be it for me to go on at great lengths about such a mundane topic (yeah because I NEVER do that…), it’s all part and parcel of being more organised. It’s taken a conscious effort on one level which has, I think, created a ‘learned’ response which has filtered into other areas of my life. So, my poor memory which forces me to make lists, and be organised (and consistent) about things, coupled with a desire to get more ‘stuff’ done this year, has ended up with me starting to feel all grown-up and organised, and finally cracking that “want to lose weight, don’t want to diet” switch in my head.

Sort of, let’s not get too carried away here.

Ohh and from the paper this morning and excellent quote (taken from some TV thing last night). A man who had lost tens of stones in weight, only to put it all back on again, was asked why it was so difficult for some people to stop themselves from overeating. His response:

How well do you think a heroin addict would do if he had to take just a little bit everyday?

But hey, it’s OK. We’re only fat people.

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