A lot of bloggers have ideas above their station. I’m probably one of them although I’ll never admit it.

So when razor popped by a left a comment to tell me that I was being quoted in today’s Guardian.. well, colour me surprised (and quietly chuffed, just don’t tell anyone). Now, aside from the issue of the colour of a surprise, I’d suggest a nice deep orange perhaps, it does mean that a few of today’s visitors will be new here. To those that are, hello, to those that aren’t, um, as you were I guess.

And for those that are wondering what the chuff I’m on about here is a blurry photo which may feature the quote in question.

Guardian, page 2

The quote is from this post. Click the image to see all the other quoted sites, including Naked Blog (which doesn’t really need any MORE fame, surely).

I should point out that I’m not some raving “jock” (which has a different meaning for our American friends to boot) but I’m certain win would have been even better received had it been over the Auld Enemy. But then, you knew that, didn’t you.

The next question is… who? how? etc etc. Is there a Guardian editor hanging on my every word? (I’m kidding).

Anyhoo, if this is your first visit to my little dusty corner, please say hi – click the “comments” link below.

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