Dusty Tomes

If you look over to your left, you should see a link to the new archive page. At the moment it only lists posts by date but I’ll be updating it in the near future to make it a bit more useful. I’m also going to be converting my old “musings/wordage” bits and bobs into posts and assigning them to a category. Hopefully I’LL then be able to find things on my own site.

I’m also switching the Photo Gallery over to Flickr, I’ve upgraded to a Pro account and it should meet my needs. I still have space on my Blueyonder account so I can use that for anything else I need. I think this will be the most organised this site will ever have been. Hey, it’s only taken me 5 years.

Aside from that there shouldn’t be too many more changes to the site for a while. At least until Spring.