The Recap: May 2020

And lo, it was June and the sun was shining and, all of a sudden, just as the world seemed to be slowly getting itself back on track, America exploded.

Everything else seems somewhat removed from the reality we are living in yet we must continue. And yes, I have more words, thoughts, and emotions about all of this. Soon.


Not much new this month, mostly stuck to old favourites and easy watches.

  • Duel – Spielbergs first movie (originally shot for TV) which, while dated, is just wonderfully on edge and eery the entire time.
  • Tales from the Loop – Glorious slow sci-fi set in an everyday town in middle America. Based on art sketches, it’s moving, compelling, beautiful shot. If you liked Arrival, give this a watch.
  • Modern Family – our current go to for post dinner easy TV. Nicely silly, and oddly moving at times.



  • Radio 2 or one of my many Spotify playlists. It seems I don’t have the headspace for new music right now (I’ve tried).


My Favourite Photo(s)

With lockdown measures eased in Scotland, we got up early on the first day we were allowed and took the dogs somewhere ‘different’! Having been limited to walking them in our local neighbourhoods, I think they enjoyed being out in nature again almost as much as we did.

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Doing my best to find a balance.

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