An august month

I can’t quite believe it’s September but it is, so it’s time to take stock of how my two ‘challenges’ went in August.

I’ll start with the least successful.

21 days into Minimalism

Suffice to say if I’d read ahead I probably wouldn’t have chosen this particular challenge. Day 4 asks you to pack up your entire home as if you are moving… yeah, safe to say I wasn’t THAT invested in the challenge.

However I stuck to the principle and managed to declutter a few different locations so I’m happy enough with that.

I’m also more than happy to admit that I failed at this challenge which, in itself, is also a small achievement. Go me! pats self on back

Apple Watch Activity Ring Challenge

Simple enough concept, complete all three rings, every day in the month of August.

August Rings


This was a nice reminder in how much it means to me to be outside, if only for a short walk. Some days I’d complete all three rings easily, others I had to push myself to get out for a walk. Oddly the ‘Stand’ ring was the toughest, purely because if I had a lazy morning I had to be more disciplined during the rest of the day. However given that I’m not working I’m confident that’ll change when I get a new job.

Walking every day has also helped my mental health, there have been a few flat days in the last month and on those days I did need some cajoling to get out the door but I always felt better for it after the fact.

So lessons learned, one challenge complete and no surprise that it was the one that included a level of gamification.

What’s Next?


September will be a challenge free month, but there is no doubt that having something to focus on has helped me get through my first full month without a job. Hopefully this time next month I’ll at least have had a couple of interviews. So, aside from continuing the job hunt and a wee jaunt to Singapore, I’ll need to make sure I keep myself occupied.

That reminds me, I’ve fallen behind in my Goodreads reading challenge, should really catch up…