Fluid Languidity

Yesterday was spent flitting between family visits (bar my Gran as both Louise and I still have remnants of nasty colds and we’d hate to infect her), the evening including some TV and the movie The Matador which I knew a little about but which exceeded expectations by a country mile. A little bizarre and Pierce Brosnan is brilliant, well worth a lazy evening watch.

And today, well bar a brisk walk to test out my knee (it’s throbbing as I type, but not as badly as before) we’ve mainly dotted around the house doing our own thing. Some Olympics have been watched, washings done, rooms tidied and games played. A quiet day, lazily drifting from task to task.

And all washed down with litres of Blue Mountain coffee. Delish.


  1. Bob Marley said:

    Blue Mountain coffee costs £11.25 for 100 grammes – did you win the lottery or sumthin?

    August 10, 2008
  2. Peggy said:

    I hope your colds go soon. This one seems to be tenacious!

    August 11, 2008

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