I was a good boy

Blimey, the days just flash past at this time of year, don’t they. So, a quick recap before I head off to… er… lie on the couch or something…

Christmas Eve was fairly relaxed. We finished packing bags, double-checked we had all the gifts we should, and settled down to watch the Muppets Christmas Carol. It’s a tradition that still manages to bring a warming tear to my cynical eye. Oh yes.

Christmas Day was pretty damn good. Despite the fact my sore throat was blossoming into some rather disgustingly coloured phlegm, we ate like kings at my sister-in-laws house, even pausing between starter (prawn cocktail of course) and main course to chew on some Wild Hibiscus. Quite tasty. We is posh us. As usual we ended up eating too much, and as it was a while before we managed some pudding, so it was a while before Louise and I realised that we’d forgotten to bring the roulade with us!

Still, Louise had made creme caramel, using her Mum’s recipe and the same bowl that was always used. A nice touch on a family day. We spoke to my father-in-law who seemed quite ‘merry’, and had a call from our nephew, somewhere in the mid-Atlantic. After that we cleared the tables, and got the games out. Specifically the Nintendo Wii the kids had been given from Santa!

I have to admit that my brother-in-law and I had a hard time giving up the controller, it’s so much fun! In fact I’m seriously considering just selling my Xbox 360 the minute it arrives (first week in January) and getting hold of one myself.

After that we headed to my parents, some pills for me, a few drinks for everyone else and a never-ending game of Trivial Pursuit (the boys won). All of a sudden it’s midnight and the day is over.

Boxing Day was a bit of a washout as I really wasn’t up to much. So we came home in the morning, and vegged out for the rest of the day.

Present wise I got a tripod and a new lens for my camera, an electric shaver, some books, aftershave, a magazine subscription, t-shirt, books, headphones, and … some other things that I can’t recall but it was ALL good! Yes it seems that I was definitely a good boy this year.