Bye bye 2022

Another year draws to a close, a very different year for me as it was the first full year with my son.

Looking around the internet, blogs are full of recaps and ‘best of’ lists all of which only go to re-enforce how much of a (good) impact Jack has had on my life. Working at home has helped hugely, but spending time with my son means I’ve eschewed watching movies, reading the latest ‘must read’ book, and TV has largely been an episode or two of something easy to watch after he’s gone to bed. I haven’t managed to do much exercise this past year, my bike is sorely neglected, but I’ve signed up for Etape Caledonia for next year (and coaxed a friend to do the same) to give me something to focus on.

It sounds like I’ve missed out but the truth is I wouldn’t have had it any other way. All of the cliches say to enjoy these times as our baby boy becomes a cheeky toddler, so I’ve been doing just that. Spending as much time with my son as I can, playing with him, caring for him, and just watching him develop and grow. He started walking a couple of weeks ago just to add to the fun!

From the outside, and definitely from a social media point of view, it may look like I’ve had a very insular and quiet year, and whilst my media consumption has gone down, I’ve still managed to read 15 books (mostly thrillers for ease), watched some new TV shows mostly on AppleTV as the quality of production seems better than most others – Trying, Slow Horses (which prompted reading all the books), For All Mankind, Black Bird, Foundation, Amazing Stories, Mythic Quest, Watch the Sound, Andor, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Book of Boba Fett – but no movies other than rewatches. My Strava account has been very quiet too.

Things will be a little different in 2023, but I’m not expecting it to all that much of a change. We will move home (again), adjust to life back in our hometown, and continue to watch and guide our beautiful boy through life as best we can.

No resolutions, no goals, just life.

I can’t wait.