Damper than damp

It’s been raining a little today. All day. Since I got up at 7.15 until now, some 13 hours later. There are puddles in the garden that are defying the laws of nature and we have a new drip in the house. Joy.

I’m pretty sure it has come about during the installation of the new front door, as it seems the seal between the side wall of the house and the porch (which was added onto the house before we bought it) has been damaged. It’s not a flood but that’s not the point. They also damaged the lintel (sp?) under the rear window when fitting the back door so tomorrow I’ll be phoning Mr. Ali and asking him to stop by the house sometime.

Well I’M not paying to have it fixed.

Was working at home today, the last time I’ll be doing that for a while, and every time the wind lashed the rain at the window I thought ahead 6pm when I’d be out in it. It wasn’t THAT bad a run, and my iPod survived the puddle that formed in my hi-vis vest pocket, but damn it was W. E. T.

I had planned to visit my Gran tonight but the roads are in chaos with floods, breakdowns and accidents all over the place. So that leaves me with a free night.

Unfortunately I’ve been demoted upstairs onto the computer as Louise has friends over for dinner, including one who is with bump (who is also called Louise, the lady, not the bump.. unless the bump turns out to be a girl and they call her after her mother). She has that lovely ‘with bump’ glow and is positively radiant. Sure she thinks she’s fat, keeps having to pee, it suffering from bad cramps and.. really… the last thing she needs is for guys to keep telling her how “radiant” she’s looking!!!!

I’m paraphrasing. She didn’t say that. She just kinda rolled her eyes a little and changed the topic of conversation.

But I bet that’s what she was THINKING.

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