Fire walk with me

“Say yes more often than no”

Life is short, far far too short for some and so when something pops up and you have the chance to do something you’ve never done before, AND it’s for a good cause, well, it’s even harder to say no.

And so I find myself signed up to become part of some weird human barbeque experiment?? … I’m sure that’s not how it works but essentially that is what it seems to be, although obviously they aren’t calling it that. Nope, instead they are using the rather dramatic and imminently more marketable term…

cue big dramatic voiceover voice


What an act of bravado, I hear you cry! He is going to be dancing with death, I hear you swoon! Might he even end up with a very mild scald, I hear you wonder? … Time will tell, but yes I will be walking barefoot across hot coals, and no you can’t bring BBQ sauce to squirt on me when I’m ‘done’.

You know, the more I think about this the more I’m starting to question just what the hell I was thinking!?

But then I remember the far more important reason of why I agreed to do it in the first place.

Rebecca was our beautiful little girl who died of TB meningitis in 2009 at Robin House. She loved music and to DANCE!

Over the last few years through the generosity and kindness of so many, we have raised nearly £30,000 for Rebecca Rocks – money that goes direct to Children’s Hospices Across Scotland (CHAS) to allow children who attend Robin House to get to gigs and concerts with carers, in memory of a wee girl who didn’t get the chance to.

There have been amazing memories made with these funds (just take a look at the Facebook page!) but we need to keep up the fundraising to keep making those dreams come true!

On 30th June a team of brave souls will be undertaking a Firewalk at Whitecraigs Rugby Club to try and raise £5000 for Rebecca Rocks – we hope you can join us, or support by making a donation!

To add that all up; given that I love music, I have been known to throw some shapes on the dancefloor, and as I’ve never done a firewalk, I could hardly say no.

Of course I may get cold feet (baddummttshhhh) which is where YOU come in dear reader, for the price of a morning coffee or two, you can sponsor me and further guilt me into actually doing this!! Or, you know, you could just throw a few quid in for a very good cause.

Go here to make a donation, big or small they all count. Please mention my name in the comment so they can track it.