Busy doing a life

Short version
Life is good, parenting is exhausting but wonderful, not much else is happening.

Longer version
Jack is almost one year old and thriving.

So many parenting cliches are true, the time does pass too quickly and I feel very blessed and lucky that I’ve been working at home this entire time and been able to spend time with him, look after him, feed him, laugh with him, hold him when he cries, all the usual parent stuff; my favourite part of each day is putting him down to sleep. After Mum does his bath, I take him up to his room, get him ready for bed and we sit in his room for a while, quietly holding him until he starts to nod off (this will become story time in the future). I get to spend 10–15 minutes just watching this amazing little human lie in my arms, trusting me completely.

Outside of Jack, as I mentioned early in the year I’ve been having some issues with my feet but finally think I’ve found a podiatrist to get me sorted.

Step 1, remove the tiny thorn (so said the man who did the ultrasound) from my left foot. Whilst she couldn’t ‘see’ anything she spent some time hacking away at the sole of my foot and I think (touching all the wood! (fnar)) has finally fixed it. I’ve had pain in my left foot for almost two years now so to say this is a relief is an understatement.

Step 2, help minimise the pain caused by the neuroma they discovered in my right foot. New insole, some physio exercises and so far so good, although I’ve not been walking too much recently now that Jack sleeps in his crib during the day so I need to get Dave out for a good long stomp soon to test it. But it feels like it’s on the mend. Again, this pain has been around for about as long so finding someone who has finally made me some progress is a huge relief and lets me start to plan to get my fitness back on track.

I’ve missed cycling a lot, so that’s likely to be first then, if I can find a nearby gym with classes at 8:30 am then I’ll head there as Jack is now in nursery three mornings a week and I can get in a quick gym session before I start work.

Both Becca and I are starting to get back to some normality, I’ve managed through to Edinburgh for a night out with my mates (a full night away!), and as we roll into Autumn and with Jack now happy to have his Granny put him down to sleep, we are looking for a date night out soon!

My life has changed completely this last year or so, and as I mentioned to a friend the other day whilst it’s exhausting it’s so so good. I get the feeling 2023 could be even better, although I’ll be heading for the big 5–0 so I’ll hold off on any predictions I think.


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