Lucy is 5

Right you, first things first, at what point are you going to stop growing up so damn fast?! Every time I see you, you’ve changed. Long gone is the adorable toddler who would bumble over and hold my hand and laugh and giggle, and now here you are, an inquisitive, funny, girl who is just a little bit of a showoff but in the best possible way. You have such a warm, caring side to you too, it’s wonderful to see that part of you grow as well.

It’s been quite a year! I know you’ve enjoyed all the time at home with Mummy and Daddy, just as I know you’ve missed all your friends at nursery but at least you get to see them for a bit longer before you head to school! I must try and remember to ask you what it felt like to live through this pandemic as a 4 year old, will you even remember the way the world changed? Will you remember how well you adapted?

Of course, closer to home, the world changed even more dramatically. Your Grandpa died. I think your age was to your benefit as you took it all in your stride; a little confused at first, but somehow you knew to give Grandma more cuddles, to be a little quieter at times as if you could sense that all the adults were a little bit sad. I wonder how much of him you will remember. Will you be able to recall just how much he loved you and doted on you? How he loved to make you smile? How many times that damn noisy squirrel toy had its batteries replaced just because it would make you shriek with laughter? It’s an odd comfort to think back on those times even though they only ended a few months ago, and I hope part of him stays with you as you grow.

And the world will change again all too soon for you when your new baby sister arrives! What an exciting time! I can only imagine how good you are going to be with your little sister. I know you will love her, and protect her, and look out for her as she grows, and if you ever need any tips on how to wind her up and tease her let me know, I’m sure the things I used to do to your Mummy will still work!

Sadly, we’ve not managed to spend as much time together this year as I’d hoped, but the moments we have are already fond memories for me and your Aunt Becca. Getting you hopped up on ice cream and churros, playing in Victoria Park just made me realise how fast you are growing and, just like my Dad, how much I love to make you smile and laugh (and scream when I’m chasing you!). Every time I see you these days you do something that makes me pause, something that makes me see how smart and thoughtful and imaginative you are, and that driven side of you, that determination, well I hope that stays too (and ignore people/men who say women shouldn’t be forthright!).

I know your Mummy and Daddy are so very proud of you and all the glowing reports you get from nursery, you are kind-hearted girl, with a ready smile, and I hope to spend a lot more time with you this year as I’m sure there are plenty of flavours of ice cream yet to try.

As always, love and hugs and high fives,

Unky Gee


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