Upcoming gigs

Turns out I’ve been stealthily filling my calendar with gigs, so much so that I almost repeated my epic fail of last year by double booking two on the same night (sorry Wolf Alice but War on Drugs beat you to the date this year).

The list, so far…

And yes, this is exactly why I preface calendar events with an emoji.

And for a nice change, most of the bands listed above I’ve never seen live before. Weezer and Gorillaz being the stand outs; Weezer are one of those ‘how have I NOT seen you live before now’ kinda bands for me given I’ve been perennial favourites for coughs 20 years?

Elsewhere, the last time I saw Radiohead at Glasgow Green it was… interesting … and a bit of a (literal) damp squib so hopefully this time round (this Friday!) it’ll be better. If they put on a show half as good as their Glastonbury headline set from last weekend we are in for a treat.

Having seen Royal Blood at the Barrowlands I’m intrigued as to how they will ‘fill’ the Hydro sound/performance wise but their Glastonbury set suggests it won’t be a problem!

Then there is the small matter of Band of Skulls at a tiny venue in deepest darkest Paisley, the ever wonderful KT Tunstall at the Kelvingrove bandstand (please don’t rain!), and Grizzly Bear I’ve seen before but will need to get back to their stuff as it’s been a while but their gig was a fun one. Not the most eclectic list of gigs ever, but I don’t care. If 2016 taught me anything it’s GO AND SEE LIVE MUSIC WHILE YOU CAN!

And yes, I AM considering Katy Perry tickets.

If you are going along to any of these, gimme a shout, always more fun in a crowd!