Time for a change

A couple of years ago I ‘closed’ my other blog. The one that few of you probably read as it was about my, then, profession of technical communications. I’d moved to a new role and decided it was good to draw One Man Writes to a close. I merged the posts from that blog and my ‘diary’ site, One Man Blogs, into what you see today.

My current job title is Product Operations Manager, it’s a mix of project management, process management and general dogsbody. As such it doesn’t really feel part of a ‘community’ the same way my old role was, so I didn’t see the need for a separate blog.

However, in the last few weeks I’ve accepted an additional set of roles and responsibilities which now see me acting as UX Team Lead, something which does have a community, a vibrant one at that. The UX community and the technical communications communities overlapped a little so as I’ve been getting back up to speed it’s been interesting to stumble across some familiar names and ideas.

With all that in mind I’m pondering a change here too, if I’m honest I was passionate about Technical Communications but that didn’t transfer to Product Operations (I like my job, but I felt a bit isolated I guess). Being involved in UX is something I know I’m passionate about and no doubt ideas and thoughts will start to swirl and I’ll look for somewhere to put them.

In short, and this isn’t really of any interest for anyone except me, I’m currently pondering re-design thoughts for this website. You have been warned.