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I last went for a run in January. I’ve barely done much exercise this month other than one game of basketball.

It is now the 12th of February and I can’t quite get my ahead around that. Where has the last two weeks gone? Why did they go so fast?

I’m very guilty of letting simple, short term, excuses win over longer term goals. But I’m still determined to meet my goal for the year, to run a cumulative total of 400km.

To that end I’m going to sign up to some 5Ks to give myself date driven targets, and finally take the plunge and find a way to get to the local Sweatshop running club. It’s close to my flat but starts at 6pm, a real challenge to get to across rush-hour Glasgow.

But that might just be another excuse so I’m going to start staggering my work day better to make sure I either have the time, or work at home that afternoon. I must exercise more, there really can’t be any more excuses.

In addition to the running, Pedal for Scotland rolls around in September (a cycle from Glasgow to Edinburgh I’ve done before) which I’m going to do as well, and when you add in an hour or so of basketball every Monday night, I should be easily managing 3 to 4 exercise sessions a week.

What I need to do is make sure I plan in the time and stick to it. I know the people in my life will support me and help me, encourage and cajole me when needed (and it will be), but above all, I need to have the confidence that I can do all this.

I’m 40. It really is time I started to take this healthy living thing more seriously.

Let’s get it on!!

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