Time to plant a tree

It’s already halfway through the month, my Christmas holiday is within touching distance (I finish up on Friday), and then it’ll be 2013.

As I spent a lot of time last week in airports I did some quick (and very rough) calculations and realised that I’ve logged around 21,500 miles of air travel this year, and visited four different continents on the way.

Holiday in Tunisia, holiday in Singapore, a flight to London, and a work trip to the USA. It’s by far the most air travel I’ve ever had in one year, at a guess I’d say in the past it’d have taken me several years to rack up that many miles but the fates (and monies) aligned this year so whilst I do feel a little bit (carbon) guilty, I know that next year the number won’t even reach half of that, probably much less.

Seriously though, should I plant a tree or something? All those poor carbons I’ve used… burnt? stood on? What should I do!