And then I forgot his name..

Friday night, beer, an ex-colleague. He remembers me, I can’t for the life of me remember his name.

In my happy drunk state I just flat out said that I’d forgotten his name, I don’t think he was offended or at the very least he was polite enough not to show that he was. Turns out he has a very memorable name (one of those forenames that is more normally a surname).

Shame on me.

Still, Friday night was a good laugh, good food, good company, good beer and I even managed to get the last train home so was a good Saturday morning with only a little bit of fuzzy hangoverness to take care of (a can of Irn Bru sized bit).

Saturday lunch featured something very tasty and delicious, thick wedges of smoked Yorkshire ham, then a few things wot needed done got done (more on that later) and then through to see the olds which ended up with a nice chicken balti for dinner.

And today? A day of quiet pottering and thinking back over good parts of the weekend in an effort to lock them away in my memory, with a side helping of ponderment on the future.

Yes, I think I’ll mark this weekend up in the WIN column.

How was yours?

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