The white stuff

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I have white stuff all over my hands. I really should wash it off.

I would’ve washed it off earlier after the first time, but I knew I’d be doing it again so, you know, what’s the point?

It’s like showering before going to the gym. Actually that’s a bad example as there are some people who really should do that, either that or they’ve been in the gym a looooonng time, phouew!

Looking down at my hands, the white stuff gives me a sense of achievement. Not a large one, but hey size doesn’t matter, right?

Anyway, whilst I will need to do it a third time, I guess that’ll wait until tomorrow. Best go wash my hands.

Thankfully it’s white emulsion so will clean right off.

4 Replies to “The white stuff”

  1. Eh? No I was talking about wa… shing the car…??

    (Oh god, did I just make a wank joke in response to my mother??)

    Yes, it’s just about done, one more coat I think.

  2. As in “I get a funny feeling, I could whitewash any ceiling…” courtesy of Derek and Clive? My god man, what have you started with this post?

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