I’d just finished baking the cake. I’d let it cool, iced it, and slipped it onto a tray. I picked it up, turned round and stood transfixed as it slid from the tray to the floor with a dull splat.

Such is the analogy I’m using to sum up last week as, not long after my previous post about getting fit and healthy again, I was beset by man-flu (shut up, it’s a thing!). I’m getting past the worst of it now but ugh, talk about great timing…

It has made me realise how much I need a level of routine though, these past few weeks without any real structure to my leisure time has left me a bit disjointed. So, back on track then.

First things first, a tattoo consultation.

Ok this isn’t really part of the whole ‘get fit’ thing but as I’ve always tended to get tattoos at certain points of my life this feels like as good a time as … wow I was starting to believe my own reasoning there! Let’s be honest, any excuse for more ink is A GOOD THING. And, more seriously, anything that makes me feel good about me will contribute to me feeling better in general and in turn give me more energy to get this all going.

That’s my reasoning at least, and I’m sticking to it.

Beyond that I have my gym induction booked for Sunday morning and I’m aiming for 13th April ParkRun as my first goal (whether I run it all or walk part of it, that’s the one I’m starting with). I have new running shoes, and getting back on track with my diet.

So, as a Greek Goddess of victory may or may not have once said, it’s time to Just Do It.