Long Weekend

A long weekend then, although as yesterday was spent doing pretty much everything we need to get done I’m wondering what the next couple of days will bring..

Spent a few hours in Stirling, including a wander up to the castle, then visited my parents for dinner and then on to a few drinks in the evening to celebrate my brother-in-laws birthday.

And today I was in the garden, tidying up and mainly just lifting the remnants of the winter. Add in a run to the skip and it’s now possible to walk from one end of the garage to the other. Just. It’s a start though.

Aside from that, my only other plans are to finish one website, and sign off on the design of another so I can start building it. Hopefully, with a couple of clear days, I can get all that done, and who knows what else!

Alas there does appear to be one thing missing at the moment. We are without Easter Eggs!! Although as I’m supposed to be trying to lose weight then I guess that is a good thing… right?

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