Lazynet iPhone request

Dear iPhone Developers,

This may exist already, but if it does I haven’t seen it. I’d really like an application that turns off all system sounds except the alarm clock between preset hours. If it could be activated when the iPhone is docked that would be even better, and finally if it could somehow keep the display turned on then that would be excellent!

You see I’d quite like to use my iPhone as an alarm clock.

Now, I can do that right now by setting an alarm but that means that I’ll still have email notifications playing. Of course I could turn them off every night, and back on in the morning again but that’s a little bit more hassle than is needed.

I also like having a clock next to the bed so that I know the time when I wake up, so keeping the display turned on would be great (especially if I can use the Digital Clock app).

Hmmmm, ok I think that’s it.

Ohh and yeah, I’d pay a couple of quid for this. Get to it!


Gordon “Probably could build it himself but can’t be arsed” McLean


  1. Adrian said:

    I just put it on flight mode.

    I always thought a shortcuts app would be good.

    So you can say turn on flight mode or off flight mode really quickly from the home page.

    August 19, 2008
  2. hans said:

    I use the blackbery system off/on feature which only fires the alarm clock.

    Ie I set of at 18:00 and on at 06:00, but if alarm firs at 05:30 I get a shutdown message telling me system will start at 05:30.

    August 25, 2008

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