Friday night – a LARGE meal and a few beers left me feeling a bit bleurgh, but it was a good laugh. Was quite happy to get the last train home for a change.

Saturday – lunch in Perth, absolutely first class meal, then off to Dunkeld to catch the bride and groom emerging from the cathedral, before we headed up to the Hilton for the reception. Very nice place that, right on the banks of the Tay, and the reception was in a marquee out in the grounds. I’ve still to sort through the 200-odd photos we took (although at one point Louise and her brother were having some sort of stupid photo face-off (I’m guessing Paul will win that one)).

Needless to say, being a Hilton hotel, the drinks were a little on the pricey side… I’m still not quite sure what came over me but I definitely recall paying ยฃ8.50 for a glass of wine!

And Sunday saw us visit Louise’s Aunt for a spot of lunch. We got home around 4pm to a very affectionate little cat, watched a movie (I am Legend… guff), and generally lazed about until bedtime.

And now it’s Monday. Already.

How was yours?

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I watched I am Legend at the weekend too – guff indeed. And as for that ending and that emotive little eulogy – dear oh dear.

Otherwise, all good, family based, relaxing.

Was in Barcelona on a stag do.

Which went …
Go to bed at 2am (on the phone to a certain someone )
Up at 6.
Naked man beach (observed not partaked)
Restaurant, good food, good wine, drunk stag.
Walk home.
Sleep a 4. Up at 8.
Run along the beach.
Break fast.
Les Rambles.
Bar for cocktail making lessons.
Get refused Entry to Pacha
Get refused Entry to another bar.

As for I am Legend, watch the alternative ending and the movie is tons better.

Also read the book which is very good.

It is a Holiday Monday here, and still sunny. So more patio sitting for me. *8.50 for a glass of wine?!! Did you savour it v-e-r-y slowly?

*can’t figure out how to find a *pound* sign. there must be way…

Weddings are so, so expensive, aren’t they? My friend R’s been invited to one in the middle of the Irish countryside, in a big old country house hotel. She’s going to have to fly to Dublin, drive for three hours in a hire car, and stay overnight in the hotel as it’s the only place around for miles and miles. Total cost – approximately ยฃ400. And that’s before she spends ยฃ8.50 on a glass of wine, or a present, or a frock. And then there’s the hen weekend in Prague. I suggested she just gives it a miss, and goes on holiday to Australia for a fortnight instead.

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